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L5 News 1977

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L5 News May 1977
L5 News special issue, May 1977

L5 News, January 1977
12 pages, 714 kb
Editor: Carolyn Henson
An Evoluntionary Imperative? by William J. Sauber
Movement into Space: Interview with Timothy Leary and Robert Frietag, part 2
Book Review: The High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill

L5 News, February 1977
20 pages, 1.8 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Opportunities for Students
Space Research and the Military, by John Holt
The Consequences of Extraterrestrial Colonization, by Michael A.G. Michaud
The L5 Society Slide Show

L5 News, March 1977
16 pages, 756 kb
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Energy Crisis: A History Lesson, by Romualdas Sviedrys
Non-Terrestrial Resources, by Eric Drexler
Vapor Phase Fabrication of Structures in Space, by Keith Henson & Eric Drexler
L-5 Interview: Gerard O'Neill
Mobile Habitats as Starships, by Dr. Gregory L. Matloff

L5 News, April 1977
16 pages, 1.1 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Mining the Asteroids
L-5 Testimony in Congress
Islands in Space, excerpt from The High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill
Waste Heat Rejection Methods for Space Habitats, by H. K. Henson
UN Dignitary on Powersats, Space Settlements

L5 News, May 1977
32 pages, 1.9 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Developing Space Policy, by Jack D. Salmon
Interview: Arthur Kantrowitz Proposes a Science Court
Boeing Designers Answer Questions about Satellite Solar Power
L5 Testimony in Congress - part 2
Don Davis Art - two full-page color prints of Bernal Sphere interior and assembly
Bibliography on Space Industrialization and Space Settlement

L5 News, June 1977
8 pages, 342 kb
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Earthport: International Launch Center Proposed
Space Telescope
1977 Space Manufacturing Facilities Conference
Bibliography Update

L5 News, July 1977
8 pages, 468 kb
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Sailing the Silent Main: The Solar Sail
More on Princeton Conference: O'Neill Top Priority Studies
Shuttle Tank Space Platform
Bibliography: Russian Papers
Space Warfare Replies

L5 News, August 1977
16 pages, 1.1 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Jupiter Orbiter Probe Politics
New NASA Administrator Robert Frosh
Book Review: Colonies in Space by T.A. Heppenheimer
What to Remember when Reading a Study Report
Tom Heppenheimer Views the Princeton Conference

L5 News, September 1977
24 pages, 1.0 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
We're Going: California Space Day, by George Koopman
Shuttle Milestones
'77 NASA Summer Study: space cities can be on line by 1990
O'Neill Summer Study Notes, by Gerard O'Neill
Space Spider: new method to construct power satellites
Bibliography Update

L5 News, October 1977
28 pages, 1.5 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
A Conversation Between Rusty Schweickart and Norie Huddle
German Company (OTRAG) Blasts Into Space Age
So You Want to Lobby? by Marc Boone
L-5 and the Jewish Community, by Bruce Friedman
Can Bees Navigate in a Space Colony? by Magoroh Maruyama
Sports in Space (excerpt from The High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill)

L5 News, November 1977
16 pages, 932 kb
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Darth Proxmire - Senator Proxmire slams L-5 concept
Power Satellites and Space Colonies: What Are the Prospects? by T.A. Heppenheimer
Life in Space - A Place In Your Future? by Gordon Woodcock
Industrialization of Space Conference
Should We Colonize Space? Pro and con views

L5 News, December 1977
24 pages, 1.4 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
German Space Capitalist Under Attack
Industrialization of Space Conference: Chris Basler's Staging Company
Report of the Summer Workshop on Near-Earth Resources, by J. R. Arnold
Giving Congress the Facts - A Key Job for the AIAA, by Jerry Grey

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