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L5 News 1978

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L5 News, June 1978
L5 News, June 1978
Cover art courtesy of NASA Johnson Space Center illustrates space manufacturing scenario. Lower left, a mass driver reaction engine is propelling an asteroid into Earth orbit. Lower right, a mining and processing operation has been set in operation on a second asteroid. Upper left, a solar power satellite is under construction, utilizing resources from the nearby asteroid. Upper right, a Bernal shpere space colony houses 10,000 people, many of whom are working as asteroid miners and SPS construction workers.

L5 News, January 1978
24 pages, 1.0 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Deep Sea Mining: A Model for Extraterrestrial Resource Mining? by H.K. Henson
Astronaut Corps - Or Space Soldiers? by Robin Snelson
Preliminary Earthport Design
Bibliography Update

L5 News, February 1978
20 pages, 1.7 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
SPS in Congress
OTRAG: Bold Pioneer Faces Hostile World
Space Industrialization: Whence Cometh Confusion? by Gordon Woodcock
SPS: Near Future Energy Source?
Review: Space Colonies, edited by Stewart Brand
Industrialization of Space Conference papers

L5 News, March 1978
20 pages, 1.4 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
NASA Budget
Senate Symposium on Future of Space Applications
Congressional Testimony of Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill
Salyut 6
The Cosmos-929 Enigma, by James Oberg
More on Military Shuttle Pilots

L5 News, April 1978
20 pages, 1.1 MB
Editor: Carolyn Henson
Sunsat Energy Council Formed
Jimmy C. Will Increase NASA's Budget If Good Friend Jerry B. Will Take Permanent Space Walk
Convair to Design System For Space Orbit Assembly
Be Your Own Astronaut (if Bob Truax gets his way)
Space Mines, Space Law, and the Third World, by Eric Drexler
Salyut 6 Facts & Figures, by James Oberg
The High Frontier in paperback

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