The purpose of this website is to provide free download of back issues of the L5 News, the publication of the L5 Society an organization devoted to making space settlements a reality in our lifetime. The L5 News was published from September 1975 until April 1987, at which time the L5 Society merged with the National Space Institute to create the National Space Society. Readers are referred to the National Space Society for current membership information.

Basic background info:

What is L5?

Brief history of the L5 Society

L5 scenario in a nutshell

L5 space colony artist renditions:

O'Neill Cylinder
O'Neill Cylinder, courtesy NASA

Stanford Torus designs

Bernal Sphere designs

O'Neill Cylinder designs

Back issues of the L5 News

L5 News issues are provided here for free download with your browser or FTP.
They are in PDF format and are fully searchable.
To read the files you will need the free Acrobat Reader program.

NOTE: Informational or merchandise items offered by the L5 Society in these publications are no longer available. Do not contact the L5 Society at the address used in these publications. For current membership information, please contact the National Space Society. L5 News is copyright by the National Space Society and is posted here with permission.

L5 News index for 1975

L5 News index for 1976

L5 News index for 1977

L5 News index for 1978

L5 News index for 1979

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